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noun: beginner; plural noun: beginners
a person just starting to learn a skill or take part in an activity.

Lessons & Patterns

Watching Videos are No Replacement for actually Practicing your Dance... Get out there!

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 Taking A Look At West Coast Swing

It's not about the moves..it's about the Movement!

This chart will evolve over time, so check back often!
Some videos are better than others, feel free to do research and make suggestions

The Dance is made up of an Amalgamation of Patterns.
Patterns are made up of Segments of Elements.
These Elements are made up of Movements Synchronized to Rhythms & Timing.
Rhythm & Timing is where we must begin to learn.


Improvisation: https://youtu.be/DAR27FWzyZY  

 Skippy Blair about West Coast Swing   Practice WCS            WCS History  ....  Then it got Cool!

Ettiquette  Warm-ups   Survival Sheet   FAQs   Dance Physics for Geeks  Group Demo

“Step 1: Be okay with being a beginner.”

Classroom Ettiquete  
Denotes Core Patterns








Beginner Basics
Level I


Ettiquate II

DemoWhat WCS looks like


Reading Assignment 1 - Beginner Track

Posture - Shoulders Back

Foot Positions

Frame Frame2

Metronome - Timing

Rhythm & Timing

Basic Elements Walk, Touch Step, Triple Step

6 Count Footwork - step, step, tri-ple-step,tri-ple-step

Rules of the Road

How to Walk Basics 

RWCS Music



Basic Left Side Pass

Left Side Pass

Left Side Pass2




Starter Step

Starter Step

Starter Step

 4-Beat Starter


wk1 Review


Thighs Shut

Triple Rhythm Break & Anchor

Anchor Step

Anchor Step

Anchor Step

Walk & Anchor


Sugar Push

Push Break

Sugar Push

Sugar Push

Sugar Push



(Overhead Turn)

Under Arm Turn

Underarm Turn

Underarm Turn

Underarm Turn

Underarm Turn












wk1&2 Review

Mistakes Fixed

timing vs rhythm

Basic Tuck Elements

Sugar Tuck

Sugar Tuck


Two Hand Tuck

Progressive Tuck

Basic Tuck







wk3 Review



Connection and Tone

Connection, Visual & Physical

Posting Connection & Anchor


Post - Man's Movement




Right Side Pass

Prewhip:Turning Basic Closed Position


8 Count Footwork


 Basic Whip



More Whips

aka. Release Whip



wk4 Review

8 Count Footwork

 More Techniques

Connection Through Leverage & Compression (Hula Hoop)



Throw Out


Underarm with Hand Change

Outside turn from RSP

Inside turn

Outside Turn

Outside Turn 2

Outside Roll

Whip w/ Outside Roll


wk5 Review & Catch-up

Bring it together!!

Basics Graduation!

  Right Hand Left Side Pass  


Basket &Basket2

Walking Whip


Beginner Level II

1 Beginner Review 

Compression & Tension Fund.






Lead and Follow



L&F Theory

SP Mens Styling

No Push &Side Push

Lady Steal

SP Drill

Sugar/No Push
  Walk & Abchor


  Rhythm & Timing Drills    
2  Leverage and Connection

Frame & Connection

Frame Tools

Anchor Step

Anchor Step

Anchor Step

Anchor Variations

Mirror - SP Barrel Roll

Mirror - Cha Cha

LSP - Head Loop
5 Basic Tuck Turns

Fold & Sweep

she goes he goes, outside turn

Execute a J-Hook

Starter Step w/Rotation



Tuck turns, etc

Non compression tuck


4  Basic Whips

Simple Whip Variations


Basic releases


Introducing Musicality

5 Degrees of Musical Glory

Hear & Identify The Beat

Patty Vo 5Points


  Prep Inside Turn

Spins & Turns Balance

Spin Techniques

Apache Whip

Reverse Whip

Hustle Whip


Intermediate I

  two hands overhead Dbl Spin Walk Back

Duck Out and Funky Stuff



Posture & Warmup 1

footwork impaired

   Starter w/ Styling Dallas Side Pass 7:10 Dbl basket mens turn around  

Posture & Warmup 2

Embellishing w/ Drapes

Focus on partner



SweetHeart (Ignore their Footwork)





Clockwise & Counterclockwise





Posture & Warmup 3

Mirror Exercise


Spinning Left Side Pass


barrel roll throw out


Mens Apache

Apache Variant John & Jessica

rotating starter step 1:50

Did I mention Posture?




Monkey Bar from Whip

Inside Roll

Turning Basic

Barrel Roll



Continuous Whip




Kick Ball Change

Double Whip


 Using Hip Action      embellishing the pass

Whip with outside roll



 Skippy Basic & Advance


  Movement Routines Advanced basics - 1 Advanced basics - 2 Advance basics - 3 Advanced basics - 4
  Moves & Grooves  Hot Move 3




  Cool Moves  Move 3b  R2R LS Tuck w/ Walk  


    Leverage Sweep and Rotate   Hot Move 2  Move 1      

intensive week 1

intensive week 2

intensive week 3

intensive week 4

  Funk n Swing Funk n Swing - 2 Funk n Swing - 3   Tip 80  

Wrap and Headloop



Syncopations RoutinesCrespo Routine    


 Several Variations       


  Basic Posture  Wrist twist connecting sides close on 4  Body Isolation  
   Shaping  foot pressure  Focus on partner  stretch  Thou Shall Boing  


12 Steps of Breaks

Musical Breaks

5 Degrees of Musical Glory

Music Interpretation

Two Beats at a time

Two Beats at a time (2)

Musicality | Accenting the '1'



Taletha Jouzdani teaching Musicality 32 Beat Phrasing Hitting breaks

Marking Single Rhythm

Counting Sets of 8 Counting 32-beat major phrases Hear the Downbeat and Upbeat    


Spins, Turns & Swivels

Spin Technique Theory 

 *Spin Technique 

Attitude Spin

Turns C.C.

Turns (Part 2)  C.C

 turns for the guys, spiral turn for girls  MenTurns  
Chaines Turns

Spins and Turns

 Windmill Turn  

Big arm Spinning Pass

 Mans Turn  
One Foot Spin

Pivit  Turns

Spins Routine  Turn Techniques      
Swivels Pot-Stirrer


Whip w/ Mens Turn

Hammerlock w/ Spin


Cut In Whip Closed Whip with Ronde Breakdown

Closed Whip Ladies Inside Turn w Hand Change to Arm-in-Arm

Closed Whip with Hip Catch

Closed Whip with Shoulder Check & Pivot Turn

 Whip inside pickup and telle spin Whip with roll to hip switch Whip inside pickup and telle spin






   Body Wave  Solo West Coast Swing Drill  Solo West Coast Swing III Social Dance - Build Men Syncopations  

Ladies Syncopations

Solo West Coast Swing II

West Coast Swing Solo IV

Lead Free Play

helicopter variations



 Swing Styling

Bootie Bump





  Syncopations (part 2)

Hijacking and Detours


Men Syncopations

crank turn and barrel roll





head roll (shoulder roll)


Mans pretzel.




 Cape Position Drape



Whip to head roll



Rolling Count



two hand tuck, up yours, whip with double spin




Head Loop/Comb



Double Twisted Whip



Finger Spins - Breakdown




apache, cross hands (2 versions), inside turn whip


Hitting the Breaks







styling leg points, free spin, crazy arms




open cross hands whip, with guys turn and girls turn



Mapping Music for choreography




cut off whip with outside turn, two hand tuck turn, choker hold



Hesitations and Syncopations




two hand tuck, up yours, whip with double spin







tummy tuck whip


  Dip a Lady adv 1-4 adv 2 adv 3 adv 4  
Diva Walk

Pretzel Walks






Parking Space


Beginning Level


Tip of the Week





Dancing w Tim Videos

Michael Kiehm Videos



Christine Clifton


West Coast Swing Concepts
You will hear the following concepts mentioned several times during classes and workshops.
Concept Description

Frame The position the body is held in whilst dancing. Frame needs to be
maintained throughout the dance to ensure good connection between the
lead and the follow.
When your frame is set it means that you are standing tall, core is engaged,
shoulders are back and down, and your back muscles are engaged.

Lead/Follow WCS is a partner dancer. This means there will be a lead dancer and a
dancer that follows.
The lead determines the direction and moves executed during the dance.
The follow responds to the directions offered by the lead through the
connection between both dancers.

Connection Connection permits the transference of energy from lead to follow (and vice
When there is connection between the lead and follow, both dancers can
move as one.

Post The invisible stationary point that connects partners with varying degrees of
connection, extension, or compression. The area that stays still while both
partners move to it or from it.
3rd foot position The starting and finishing position of the dancer’s feet for all basic moves.

Anchor/Settle The starting and finishing state for both dancer’s for all basic moves.
Rolling the feet How a step is taken in WCS.
When dancing the feet should not be placed flat on the floor (stomping or
marching). Rolling the feet into the floor gives dancers a smooth flight as
though they are gliding across the floor.

Triple “Step” The rhythm used in WCS footwork - 3 steps taken in 2 beats.
WCS requires the dancer to step on half beats of the music as well as whole
beats. For example, 1, 2, 3-and-a-4,-5-and-a-6. The ‘3-and-a-4’ and the ‘5-
and-a-6’ represent triple steps

Slot The line upon which the lead and follow dance.
WCS is a linear dance. The follow travels up and down the slot, and the lead
dances on and either side of the slot. Always stepping across the slot as if
dancing on a cross. It is the follows responsibility to find the end of the slot.

Tracks The position of both dancers’ arms.
Tracks are conceptual ‘train tracks’ on either side of the slot. When starting
a move the dancers’ arms must be on one track and either finish on the
same track or the track on the other side of the slot (depending on the

Rolling count The rolling count is verbalised as “a-1-and-a-2-and-a-3-and-a-4-and-a-5-








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